The Earthwork & Lurcherwork Magazine 

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Welcome to the Countrywise Magazine...A pubication which has been compiled by Johnny Bluck, following on from the success of his series of books on working terriers.The aim of the magazine is two fold..Firstly we want to promote Country pursits in a Responsible and Positive manner.  Secondly we want you to have access to a quality magazine that has no equal in terms of its rich content.

The magazine is a reader led publication with the majority of the articles being submitted by the readers themselves which puts the subscribers firmly in the driving seat..There will also be a number of articles by the editor of the magazine...Johnny.

The bulk of the magazine will consist of Terrierwork & Lurherwork..However there will be articles covering other aspects of Country Pursuits which will keep the magazine fresh and inspiring...which in turn will deliver a better reading experience. 

THE eMAGAZINE...It is with a sense of acheivement that I can bring you the first Terrierwork & Lurcherwork publication as an eMagazine, which will deliver some key advantages over the paper version...Firstly I will be able to offer it as more affordable package as you will see in the Webs Store. It will also be full colour throughout with the option of increasing the pages within at no extra cost to you...This is the future of all publications and Countrywise is keen to embrace this new technology and in doing so pass on all the benefits that this will bring. No matter where you live in the World I can offer everyone the same price for subscription as there are no postal costs involved. If your storage space is limited then this is the the version for you...Please take a closer look on the Preview page in the header.