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This is the place for you to leave feedback on the Countrywise Magazine...As you can see from the picture below of Rob Collins Nanna, your never to old to appreciate the finer things in Life!

Quotes hi johnny it was great to get your magazine last Saturday,it dropped through the door just as I was leaving for a days beagling, the day was heavy rain all day with hounds not being able to hold the line for more than 10 minutes at a time but still good to be out.when I got home it was a beer and the mag really liked the piece about the youngsters as its the same in beagling where we need new blood for it to carry on . I also do a bit of terrier work on the shoot I work on which Is great,keep up the good work regards daren MH BEAGLES IN KENT Quotes
C/W Magazine

Quotes Great magazine Johnny...Keep up the good work mate! We need a good quality read and this is it....About time! Quotes
Danny Burton
Countrywise Magazine

Quotes Dear Johnny I would really like to say how much I enjoyed reading your Countrywise magazine issue, especially the Cook on the wild side by Mark Lewis, which I found very informative. The recipe is a great idea that I will now put to good use on my next hunting trip with the lad. I look forward to reading more from him in the near future. Keep up the good work! All the best Quotes
Dave Simpson

Quotes A place where you can leave feedback on the magazine my friends.. Quotes