The Earthwork & Lurcherwork Magazine 

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The Countrywise Magazines existance relies very much on the articles which are sent in by the readers..with this in mind we offer a free Countrywise metal  badge to anyone that sends in an article which is then published in the magazine..

The sort of articles Johnny is looking for can just as easy relate to Hunting;Earthwork & Lurcherwork before the ban as well as the present time. We all have had some great digging to hard bitten grafters in the past...we have hunted our hounds on the high ground, the low ground and in the rivers.

Johnny really wants this magazine publication to deliver the goods in terms of value for money and pure quality..With that in mind he will be including articles on all aspects of Country Pursuits which will run alongside the many Earthwork & Lurcherwork articles. These can include; fishing, shooting,falconry,ferreting,trapping stickmaking,hounds and hunting; the list is endless which helps as we have all taken part in different aspects of country life at sometime. 

So if you have read the above and think you maybe able to get behind the Countrywise magazine..then please do so...put your accounts and stories down on paper and send to Countrywise PO BOX 15975, Redditch B97 9NN or email them direct to Johnny at

Your involvement and contribution is the key to Johnny being able to provide what so many people have said they want to be able to read...Johnnys promise is that he will give the magazine100% so please join him in making this come to fruition.