The Earthwork & Lurcherwork Magazine 

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Here you will find a glimpse of the forthcoming issue of the Magazine...Every subscriber will be sent all magazines for the current year when purchasing a subscription to the best and brightest Country Pursuit Magazine...A publication packed with quality Earthwork & Lurcherwork articles from all over the U.K & Ireland

The Jan issue has a good mixture of articles as you have come to expect from the magazine which leads the way forward! We have two contributions from our female counterparts both of which are a great assett to the magazine. We have three articles from Johnny one of which is called A Far Cry which delves into hunting hounds...A Terriermans Diary gives some acounts of Johnnys season with his terriers thus far...An article on Spear Fishing off our coastlines by Mark Lewis, very intresting if your a strong swimmer! Tommy Cullen out with the Wicklow Foxhounds in Ireland and many more superb articles.

 I am hopefull over time that you will see more articles from the Terriermen which are written about within the books I have written so far... Johnny has many articles written up for inclusion in the forthcoming issues and has many good ideas and contacts for future articles on other Country Pursuits. So please jump on board and help him steer the magazine towards a bright purposeful future

 A magazine that can be a focal point in which we can all as a united and commited  front portray Earthwork & Lurcherwork in responsible & posotive manner. Country Pursuits which are as noble and efficent as many others , therefore it is my aim to strenghten our resolve and galvanise us into a strong body of people that has a voice through the pages of the Countrywise Magazine.

As you can see from the contents page Johnny has strived to bring you a magazine which is new and unique in its content. Having not only Terrier & Lurcher articles but also a number of other Country Pursuit related topics also being covered in each and every issue. This will make for a fresh and better reading experience for you the reader.

The bulk of the magazine will be Earthwork & Terrierwork as this is where Johnnys heart lies and through his articles he will endevour to portray these noble and efficent forms of pest control as they should be. Johnny wants the magazine to be a platform on which we call all play our part in improving our status and image within the hunting world.

Johnny has the knowlege and the contacts to be able to achieve this goal alongside the support of the readership. More than that he has the drive and determination to see the job through so please join him and get behind the magazine and in so doing you will play your part in defending and promoting something which we dont want to loose either now or in the future.

As a staring point in acheiving something Johnny has contributed a sum of money to the N.W.T.F from the Countrywise show which was held in May. If you visit the Countryside forum which is linked to at the top of the page you will find a fund raising function for the the federation with the aim being to raise as much as we possibly can in a twelve month period. As the N.W.T.F moto states United We Stand..So lets raise a grand for a man that has done so much to defend Terrierwork...Mr Barrie Wade. All monies raised will go towards the continued fight to defend and promote terrierwork both now and in the future years to come